If you love everything about your home, except how easily the carpets became dirty after hosting an event, then this is the article for you with tips on how to prepare your home for an event. Carpets can be a tricky thing. We both want to have nice clean carpets and show them off and also not use them at the same time for fear they will become dirty. After all, what’s the point of having nice carpets if you can’t enjoy walking on them? It is the latter sentiment that often leads many homeowners to say No to hosting events they would otherwise like to.

Prepare Your Home and Carpets for a Party

Knowing that there is more to property restoration than just heavy work, Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services has some tips to share below on how you can prepare your home for potential stains and spills.

Don't Let It In!

After a party, one of the biggest stains you will see is likely to be dirt. Not in one small patch, however, and definitely not brought into the home by one person. Instead, it will often be a large line in an area which saw a lot of foot traffic. For example, where your guests enter and exit your home will be a likely area. To prevent this, there are two suggestions:
  1. If you are hosting a small party, perhaps a dinner or a housewarming then consider asking your guests to take off their shoes as they enter your home. You can provide a shoe rack or a cabinet either outside your home or just inside your entrance way, along with some temporary house-shoes or socks.
  2. If this isn’t an option, then a solid metal mat at your front door is the best way to encourage your guests to give their feet solid stomp to remove heavy debris. A secondary softer mat inside your door will catch any remaining dust and will also provide your guests with a more comfortable entrance into your home and party.


That’s the one thing that you don't want to hear come out a guests mouth when you are hosting a party. However, if you don’t prepare in the right way then you could be hearing it often. Take a tour of your home with your head down and looking at the carpet. Be sure to take big and wide steps as if you were the clumsiest person on the planet. If you can see any obstacles which could cause even the slightest amount of a problem, then either put it away or take it out of the room. If it is too late or you are looking to give your carpets a good clean and bring them back to life before the big event, Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services can help. Call today at 888-436-3499 to book an appointment for a professional carpet cleaning in preparation for the big event.

Where and How You Serve Your Food Matters

If you serve wings with a selection of sauces then you are doing nothing then serving a selection of stains. As delicious as they are, sauces are one of the most common causes of stains. There are two methods to prevent against this.
  1. The first is to alter the type of food you serve. For example, serve wings with the flavor baked in which only requires some salt or pepper. Adjustments like this can work wonders at reducing your stains.
  2. The second is to limit where guests travel with their food. For instance, only set up food stations in areas which are easy to clean, such as outdoor entertaining spaces or your kitchen. Now, instead of providing plates which do nothing more than encouraging guests to pile up their plates and walk around making stains, simply provide napkins to encourage people to eat at the table before walking away with only their drink.

Help Can Help

If you know there will be areas in your home where your guest will likely congregate to socialize (while holding drinks), prepare the area with rugs. A local furniture hire store will have a number of rugs which you can hire, and which are designed for heavy-duty party use. The majority of these products are hired for the purpose of staging a house, and so are designed for heavy foot traffic.

Restoration Services in St Croix Falls

When it comes to property restoration service in St Croix Falls, help comes in all sizes, not just heavy duty recovery work. Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services knows this and provides a high-quality carpet cleaning service to help you remove stains which, despite your best efforts, were destined to occur. Call Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services today at 888-436-3499 to book an appointment.
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