Do you have bad smells at home that you are having a hard time getting rid of? If so, this is just the article for you. Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services, has this post for you to learn some tips on how to get rid of bad smells.

Having odors at home can be pretty uncomfortable, especially if they are hard to get rid off. There are a lot of methods to try and get rid of smells, some harder to do than others. Luckily, Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services has this article for you to learn some simple things and remedies you can use to try and get this issue resolved. If you want to know more about this topic, make sure to keep on reading!

Start with Your Kitchen

The kitchen tends to be an area of the house whit a lot of different bad odors. Luckily, there are really simple things you can do to get rid of any uncomfortable smells. Backing soda has many uses. Along with helping you make amazing baked goods, baking soda is great for neutralizing odors as well as disinfecting. Make a mix of baking soda and water, and with the help of a good brush or cloth, clean all your surface areas, as well as your refrigerator, to ensure they are free of odors. When it comes to smells in the refrigerator, leaving an open box of baking soda can help neutralize all the different smells. To top things off, sprinkle some baking soda into the bottom of your trash cans to fight away any nasty smell!

Removing Stink from Cigarette Smoke

The smell of cigarettes can be one of the hardest smells to get rid off. Heavy smoking for instance, will probably require a lot more work and time to get removed. If this is your case, make sure to let fresh air in the area as much as possible. Follow by washing all fabrics possible and by wiping and disinfecting the floor, walls and other surface areas. If you don’t manage to get the smell of the walls, painting over them can be a great solution. If you are only dealing with getting rid of occasional smoke stink, the solution is way easier. Star by opening all windows and letting fresh air in, this will go a long way. You can also use air fresheners to freshen up the space as well as light up your favorite candle!

If by any chance you notice any fire damage while cleaning your home, make sure to speak with the professionals at Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services in Minneapolis. They will help you get your back to looking and smelling like new. For more information on their restoration services, call 888-436-3499.

Do Your Closet and Drawers Smell Bad?

Do you open up your closet and are instantly welcomed by a bad musty smell? This is pretty common, especially if your furniture or cabinets are older. One solution to this issue is to empty your closet and drawers and place paper (this can be a great way to reutilize your newspaper) sprinkled with distilled white vinegar. Leave the sprinkled news paper for a few days until you notice the smell has gone away. Make sure there aren’t any vinegar residues and fill your closet back up. After this process, you can prolong the good smell of your furniture by placing scented dryers sheets all around.

Combating Bathroom Odor

It’s no wonder that bathrooms are prone to having bad smells. Nevertheless, having a nice smelling bathroom shouldn’t be an impossible task. You should start off by giving your bathroom a deep cleaning and ensure to disinfect all surface areas. Don’t forget to clean your toilet seat! Next, use some essential oils to give your bathroom a nice smell. You can use scent diffusers or even add a few drops of the oil onto some dried wooden piece to help freshen up the space. One thing to always keep in mind, is that wet towels, when being wet for a long time, can create a bad smell. Make an effort to hang your towels somewhere they can properly dry.

When cleaning your bathroom, ensure there aren't any areas that suffered from water damage. If it happens to be the case, get in contact with the experts at Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services in Minneapolis to hire their fantastic restoration services. Call 888-436-3499 today and schedule your appointment!

Getting Rid of Bad Pet Smells

If you have a pet, you surely know that along the big joy their company can bring, bad odors are also a part of the ride. There is a common “dog smell” that can be hard to get rid off. One easy solution to preventing your pet from leaving an uncomfortable odor behind is to limit their entry to the specific area of the house you want to ensure smells nice. If this isn’t an option, take all the fabrics you can and give them a good wash in your washing machine, ensuring to use detergent. Also, make an effort to clean all areas of the house your pet has access to as often as possible, not only to get rid of odors but to ensure they don’t leave hair and dirt everywhere.

What about Your Fabrics and Carpets?

Carpets as well as a lot of fabrics and upholstery can be great at keeping smells trapped. You can make a homemade solution to fight odors by mixing baking soda and water and sprinkling it on all fabric surfaces. For stronger smells, using vinegar is a great option. Vinegar is highly acidic, which gives it a great power agains smells as well as with killing bacteria. To make a cleaning solution, mix one part vinegar to three parts cold water and spray it on the desired area. Repeat this process a few times until the smell goes away. At the end, rinse the fabric with water and let it dry.

Besides ensuring your house is safe, the professionals at Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services in Minneapolis will ensure your home is clean, fresh, and looking amazing. To learn about their restoration services and to schedule an appointment, call 888-436-3499.

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