Are you thinking about doing some remodeling to your house? If so, make sure to remember to keep your interiors protected to ensure you get the outcome you desire. Read more in this post by Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services.

When thinking bout remodeling a house, the focus tends to mainly go on the finished product, on how the finished space will look. It’s important also to remember that before and along the process, parts of your house need extra protection to prevent any accidents from happening and ensure everything ends up being just as perfect as you imagined. Read this article that Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services in Minneapolis, MN, has for you and learn how to protect your house when remodeling.

Protect Your Windows

Start by determining which windows are going to be constantly opened and which windows will be closed along the process. Then, make sure to remove the screens. Screens tend to break easily when construction is in motion around them. For the windows that will be completely closed, cover the window treatments with plastic. For windows that will be constantly opened, tape plastic to the top of the casting and cover them with plastic tucking it underneath and behind it. Avoid removing the window treatments as they can get lost and can brake easily.

Fire Prevention

Remodeling and construction often mean a lot of electrical wiring and combustible materials being used around the house. It’s vital to take the necessary safety measures to ensure your property is safe from fires. Here are a few safety measures you can take to prevent a devastating situation:
  • Ensure your fire alarm is functioning and in good condition during the remodeling process.
  • Install fire alarms and heat sensors around the house to be able to monitor what goes on in the house constantly.
  • Ensure there are fire extinguishers around the house and throughout the work site at all times.

In case of any damage being caused to your property because of fire, make sure to contact the professionals at Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services in Minneapolis, MN. Learn about their professional restoration services that will ensure your home is protected and looks as good as new. For more information, call 888-436-3499 today!

Keep Your Countertops Safe

Any flat surfaces that aren’t going to be replaced end up becoming a work zone, leading it to be in danger of being damaged due to the different tools and materials that are natural to any construction project. To ensure your countertops and surfaces stay in top condition, cover them with materials like cardboard, ensure security all around with tape. This will help to prevent your surfaces from having scratches and nicks.

Remember to Clean Frequently

In order to keep not only your home clean but the work areas in the best condition, speak with your contractor about their daily cleanups. Talk to them about how you would think the best cleanup procedure would be and come up with a plan together on how it can work best with the construction logistic. This will reduce the amount of dirt and contaminants from spreading around the house.

Keeping every area of your house in the best condition possible is crucial to ensure its safety. If, along the way, you find any traces of mold or mildew, ensure to contact a professional at Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services. Get the best professional service in Minneapolis, MN, to ensure your home is protected and free of humidity. For more information, call 888-436-3499.

Isolate Areas of Your House

Constructions often mean dust and debris are flying around the space. If there are areas of your house that aren’t going to be remodeled, ensure to speak with your contractor to plan out how you can protect them from getting messy and dirty along the way. This often means applying plastic sheeting over doors to seal off the area as well as thick plastic flaps installed over door frames.

Keep Your Valuables Safe

This should go without saying, but storing your valuables is a must before beginning your remodeling project. This will ensure they stay safe along the process. You can store them in a room of the house that isn’t going to be worked on. Lock the door and, if needed, save the essential items in a safe. For larger valuables or if you don’t have a safe space in your house, rent out a storage garage or ask a close family member or friend to keep your valuables safe for the time being.

Ensure Your Home Is Protected along Your Remodeling Process and after with the Help of Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services

To ensure your house is protected and in the best condition during and after your construction process, contact the best Cleaning & Restoration Services in Minneapolis, MN. Learn about their amazing services today by calling Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services at 888-436-3499.
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