Do you want to keep your basement free of mold and cracks? If so, learn a few basement maintenance tips in this post by Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services in St Croix Falls.

Does your property have a basement? If so, then you know about its benefits, such as making for storage space or that it can be conditioned for different purposes. For instance, you can turn it into a playroom for your children, a laundry area, an entertainment lounge, etc. Regardless of what you want to use your basement for, one thing is sure: you must keep it clean and well-ventilated. And most importantly, you must keep water out to prevent mold formation. Having mentioned that, here are some helpful basement maintenance tips to keep this part of your house in mint shape.

Establishing a basement maintenance routine is key to keeping it safe and functional. Still, call Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services in St Croix Falls at 888-436-3499 if your basement gets damaged by an unexpected accident. Their restoration team will be ready to help you bring your property back to its original shape!

How to Perform Proper Basement Maintenance

Keep It Clean and Organized

Cleaning your basement every so often is vital to keep it free of dust, gunk, and pests. Plus, most of us store old devices, broken appliances, and other junk in the basement, so start by removing everything you no longer use or need. Once the basement is decluttered, dust the surfaces and shelves. Sweep and mop the floors to make them as clean and shiny as possible. And lastly, don't hesitate to call a cleaning company if your basement needs a deep wash and scrub.

Keep Exterior Drainage in Good Condition

Another way to keep your basement functional and safe is to prevent the surroundings from waterlogging. To that end, keep the exterior drainage system in good shape. That means keeping your gutters and downspouts clean. It is also advisable to install downspout extensions to drain water at least 5 feet away from your home's foundation. Failure to do all this can lead to the formation of big puddles around your home. Water, as you know, can seep into the basement and cause leaks, floods, and cracks in the walls. With such risks in mind, do your best to keep water removed from your property.

Watch Out for Cracks in the Wall

Are there any visible cracks in your basement walls? As mentioned, cracks usually form when water swells the soil around a property. That puts pressure on the walls, leading to potential cracking and structural issues. As if that were not enough of a concern, moisture can also infiltrate through the cracks, leading to a potential mold problem. To prevent such damage from happening to your home, occasionally inspect your basement's walls for cracks. Doing so is especially vital after winter when the snow melts, and during the rainy season. In case of finding cracks, reach out to the professionals to have this issue fixed before it gets worse.

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Clean Window Wells

Keeping the window wells clean is vital if your basement receives natural light. A good rule of thumb is to inspect them once every three months to ensure they aren't clogged. Remove leaves, cobwebs, and any other debris you can find. Use a vacuum or gloves to protect your hands when clearing them out. Once done, check the drain to make sure it's not blocked. Finally, cover the window wells with a plastic or metal cover to keep them in the cleanest shape possible.

Use Water-Proof Paint

If you plan on painting your basement walls, go for waterproofing paint. This option creates a barrier to prevent moisture from seeping through the walls. Thus, using it will give you the peace of mind of knowing that moisture levels remain at their lowest.

Use a Dehumidifier

Lastly, keep your basement's humidity in check by using a dehumidifier. Doing so is vital to avoid mold growth, especially when conditions are wet and warm. Keep in mind that mold thrives when humidity exceeds 60 percent. Thus, make sure to keep the basement on the drier side by keeping its humidity between 25 and 30 percent.

Is your basement in need of a damage assessment? Whether it is a mold, fire, or water damage, call Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services at 888-436-3499 anytime. Since they offer 24/7 services, you can rest assured their specialists will assist you whenever your property requires the best cleaning and restoration services in St Croix Falls.

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