Moving can always be an exciting moment in ones life, but what about the idea of packing and unpacking? Maybe not so much. Planning out your packing process can help make the job easier and decluttering your home along the way can help you be better prepared for your new home. Learn some tips on how to declutter your house in this article by Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services.

Moving can be both an exciting time as well as a very stressful one. Not only do you have to think about changing your address and ensuring your new home is ready for move-in day, you also have to think about all the stuff you have in your current house. Nevertheless, this can be a great opportunity to declutter your house and ensure you are only taking the items that matter most. Decluttering can also help you pack in an organized manner, making your unpacking process way easier. Learn some tips on how to declutter your house before moving by reading this article by Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services.

Start by Planning

The best way to ensure you have success while moving is to make a list of different categories of items you are going to pack. This could be for example to make a category of kitchen items, another of decorations, books, toys, bathroom utilities, and so on. This will not only make the packing and unpacking process easier but will allow you to identify items that may not serve you any more in an organized manner. Make sure you have all the necessary items to start packing. Start by getting enough boxes as well as trash bags, tape, and markers to be able to write on the boxes. Make sure to set up some boxes designated for items you will no longer need or want. You can appoint a box for things you want to donate as well as another for those items that you want to throw away.

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Get Packing

First, designate a space or place at your house where you can stack up the packed boxes and avoid having them all over the place. Having a bunch of boxes around the house will only make you feel overwhelmed. To start your packing process, think about the items you use or need the less and pack those first. This can include books, DVDs, game systems, decoration, and so on. Label the boxes with as much descriptions as possible. For example, if you are packing items from your bedroom, write down “bedroom” on the box as well as write down some of the specific items you packed in there so it becomes easier to find everything you might need.

Try Not to Accumulate, Take Only What Is Necessary

We usually get attached to our belongings, it’s normal. Nonetheless, it’s important to also be able to identify which items you are holding onto that don’t actually serve any purpose or you can live without. This can be hard, but you will thank yourself later for not accumulating items that later on will be hard to accommodate in your new home. When packing, think about the item you are about to pack, when was the last time you used it? Does it serve a purpose? Is it going to have any value in your new home, or is it just going to get stored somewhere?

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Declutter Your Storage Spaces

Don’t forget about your storage spaces! Some people tend to leave these spaces until the end, which is understandable, especially if you don’t visit them often. Storage spaces can be time-consuming to pack up and clean but are also relatively easy to do because of the fact that they are probably filled with items you don’t use often. Also, by cleaning this spaces you will be able to have extra space for storing those packed up boxes.

Ask for Help If Necessary

If you find yourself packing every single item and not being able to let go of those sentimental items, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Having the perspective of a relative or a friend can help you come to a decision sooner and more efficiently. Also, having an extra hand to help you pack can never hurt and will help you get the job done way sooner.

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