If there is one thing that every homeowner knows, it’s that electricity isn’t cheap during the summer months. This article has helpful tips to help you keep your temperatures and energy bill down. As summer starts to come in, you notice that everybody’s general mood lifts. People become happier and are smiling more. Families get outside to enjoy the park and local sports, groups of friends head to the pool or have a pool party at home, and couples take to the gardens for romantic picnics.

Don't Let Your Energy Bill Get out of Control

All of these are great summer activities that each take place outdoors and don’t require you to turn on a switch. However, you can’t spend all of your summer time in the pool or at the gardens. To help you keep your energy costs down during the heat, Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services has the following tips to share.

Does It Need to Be That Cold?

Yes, the sun shining at its brightest outside and anybody caught out in it is beginning to melt into the sidewalk. But that doesn’t mean that the inside of your house needs to be as cold as a super villain’s ice fortress! While it’s nice to feel chilled in your home, it’s also an expensive feeling. Instead, find a temperature point where the air conditioner only works to take the edge off the heat inside your home and make you comfortable.

Do Your Laundry While You Sleep

There’s nothing better than getting fresh clothes out of the dryer! They’re just so much softer and comfortable that clothes that were dried on in the sun. However, it isn’t all cuddly clothes. Clothes dryers tend to generate quite a bit of humidity inside your home. While this may be an acceptable trade-off during the colder months, it certainly isn’t during summer. Do your best to plan for the washing machine to finish its job shortly before you would usually go to bed. This way you can put the clothes in the dryer and let it do its job while everybody sleeps without being affected by the temporary rise in humidity. When it comes to quality restoration services in Minneapolis, Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services is the number to call. If your property has suffered from large-scale damage caused by a storm, flooding, or fire, call (888) 436-3499 to request immediate attendance and thorough assessment.

Keep Doors Closed

This point is particularly important when utilizing an air conditioner or even a pedestal fan. If you and your family are all sitting in the living room watching a movie, you don’t need the kitchen to be a cool temperature. Similarly, if you are in the kitchen cooking then the upstairs bedrooms don’t need to be cooled. Instead of letting cold air flow away, keep it contained by closing doors to localize the cool air.

Shutters and Drapes Too!

While you are closing doors, be sure to close any shutters and drapes around your home, too. Many homeowners believe that the cost of running a light and the heat that it generates is worse than the rise in temperature opening the drapes causes, however, LED bulbs emit no heat and operate using barely any electricity at all. If your room has shutters or drapes, close them during the peak times of the day. This way, your cooling units won’t have to work so hard.

Join One-Direction

Okay, maybe not. In fact, it’s time to switch directions! You have likely seen a small switch on the side of your fan unit. If you aren’t sure what this is, it controls the direction that the fan spins. During the hot months, it’s a good idea to flip the switch so that your fan is spinning counterclockwise. This helps to create the feeling of cooler air underneath it. Can you expect it to feel like an air conditioner? No. Can you expect it to feel nicer than warm stale air? Absolutely!

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Whether your property has sustained damage or you are looking for an emergency number to keep in your home for future emergency events, the number to call and store is (888) 436-3499. Speak with a professional in property restoration at Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services about any property damage situation that you are dealing with. Available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services can provide immediate attendance at your property to provide a thorough and safe inspection of your property and subsequent report and advice on how to move forward.
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