Prepare Your Home for the Fall Season

As fall approaches, it's a great idea to get started on your fall home maintenance checklist. To help you get an idea of what types of things you should take care of this season, Archer Cleaning and Restoration Services has some useful tips you can follow.

Keep Things Trim

As you prepare for fall, you may notice your trees are slowly starting to lose their leaves. While a bare tree may look much weaker, their limbs may actually be quite heavy. If any trees around your home have branches that hang over your roof or other important areas, be sure to give these a trim. Heavy winds and rain during this season and the next can cause branches to fall and create a real mess. Before your favorite tree has a chance to cause leaks in your roof, take care of trimming it now.

Prepare Your Lawn

Although you may think your lawn doesn't need much work this season, giving it proper maintenance now will help it grow stronger in the spring. Continue to water and mow your lawn during the fall, but give a shorter trim than usual during its last two trims of the season.

Get Rid of Dead Leaves

As dead leaves start to pile up in your yard, it's important for your lawn that you remove these. A layer of dead leaves over your lawn is not only a fire hazard, it can also affect your lawn's spring growth. If the leaves get wet and start sticking together, they can create a blanket effect that won't allow air to circulate and may even cause bacteria and diseases to infect your lawn.

Clean Out Your Gutters and Downspouts

As leaves start to pile up, you can be sure they will also make their way into your home's gutters and downspouts. It's important that you keep these clear in preparation for rainy days. Grab a ladder and some gloves and get to work on your gutters. Remove all the leaves and any other debris that can cause clogs in the gutters and in the downspouts. To ensure there are no clogs, spray some water down your gutters and watch it flow out of the downspouts. If the water is having trouble flowing, find the problem area and clear the clog before the rains start. If your home has suffered damages and you're in need of property restoration services, contact Archer Cleaning and Restoration Services. Trust their experienced team of experts to get your home back to its pre damage condition. Contact them at (888) 436-3499 to find out more about their services.

Take Care of Outdoor Repairs

Before the daylight hours get shorter and the weather gets more unpredictable, give your home's exterior a thorough inspection. Check your siding for chipping paint that needs to be fixed, your walkways for cracks that need to be filled, and your roof for missing or loose shingles that need to be replaced. Take advantage of the good weather and daylight hours to get these things done before rainy and windy weather have a chance to make them worse.

Have Your Chimney Serviced

As the coldest season of the year approaches, it's best not to wait until temperatures are unbearable to get your chimney serviced and cleaned. If you have a wood burning fireplace that you plan to use this year, getting the chimney cleaned is absolutely necessary in order to prevent the dangers of house fires. Buildup from using it the previous year may be highly flammable and can cause a controlled fire to become uncontrollable. Since chimney sweeps and chimney services are highly in demand during the winter, it's best to take care of this as soon as possible to avoid long waits and higher prices.

Check on Your Safety Devices

As temperatures start to drop, you will most likely start using your heating system and fireplace more often. While these devices are generally very safe, you still want to be sure that the safety devices around your home are ready for use just in case. Start by ensuring you have fire extinguishers on every floor of your home and near areas where fires are most common. Check that these are not empty and are ready for use. You also want to ensure you have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors on every floor of your home and near areas that are heavily used, such as bedrooms and the kitchen. Test the batteries in each one and replace those that are old or running out of power.

Property Restoration Services

Archer Cleaning and Restoration Services is here to help restore your home after any disaster. Contact the Archer Cleaning and Restoration Services team at (888) 436-3499 to learn more about their emergency services.
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