When the rain becomes, shall we say, less than desirable, it can result in a rise in mold growth in your home. This article has tips to help you prevent just that. If you have ever battled mold in your bathroom before then you know just how stubborn it can be to not only treat and remove but keep at bay! Now, imagine if you had to deal with this underneath your carpet!

Keep Mold at Bay During the Cold Months

To help you keep mold from growing in your carpet during the colder months, Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services has the below tips for you to consider.

No Shoes in the House!

It was a rule which your parents tried to keep in the house as you were growing up but it never really stuck, Largely because you were children and couldn’t see the reason why you couldn't wear your shoes in the house. Now, however, as a homeowner, you know that people walking in your home with shoes is the easiest way to bring water into your home and onto your carpet. Often in decent amounts large enough to start a small puddle at the base of your carpet fiber. And as every homeowner knows, stagnant pools of water and dark spaces are the best places to mild mold! If you decide to instill this rule and you require your guests to leave their shoes outside, be sure to provide a secure shoe rack or cabinet for them to use. If you allow them to enter your home and stand in the entrance way then be sure to lay down a sheet of plastic carpet protector where they can keep their shoes safe and you can keep your carpet clean

A Coat Rack

Huh? What does a coat rack have to do with mold growth in your carpet? The next time that somebody walks into your home from the cold and wet climate outside, watch what they do. It’s a fair bet that they will do everything they can to get their cold and wet clothes off as quickly as possible. This often means throwing them on to the floor until they have had a chance to get everything off. Sure, the items are picked up shortly after and taken to a closet, but by this time the damage has already been done with all of the water and debris already being thrown onto your carpet. If you have discovered mold growth in your home it's important to remember that removing it safely and permanent is not a DIY job. Speak with a professional at Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services at (888) 436-3499 to find out how their mold remediation service can thoroughly remove mold from your home.


There are two rooms in every home which sees an increase in usage each year, and one of them is your laundry. Not because you tend to clean clothes more during the colder months but that you tend to dry them more. As convenient as it is to use a dryer, it’s important to remember that the tropical climate that it brings to your home when you are using it is not great for your carpet. Why? Because the humidity in the air is nothing more than excess moisture which will eventually settle on your carpet and your upholstery where it can encourage mold growth. For this reason, do your best to ensure that there is also a window or a door slightly open when the dryer is in use to allow excess moisture to leave your home.


The other room in your home which you will use more during these months is your bathroom. If you enjoy taking longer and hotter showers during the cold months then it’s important that you counteract the increase in steam which will occur. If possible, shower with a window open to allow steam to exit as much as possible while you are showering. If this is not possible, consider opening a window once you are out of the shower while you are preparing to leave the bathroom.

Professional Restoration Services in St. Croix County

If you have identified mold in your home, whether it is underneath your carpet, on your ceiling, or anywhere else in your property, speak with somebody who has experience with mold remediation instead of attempting to remove it yourself. Call Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services today at (888) 436-3499 to book an appointment for attendance and assessment and have the mold removed from your home thoroughly and safely.
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