Every homeowner wants to keep their home free from mold, however, it isn’t always as easy as opening the windows and turning on exhaust fans. When it comes to keeping a home free from mold, simply keeping the carpets dry and turning on your exhaust fans in the kitchen isn’t enough to do the job. There are numerous places around your home where mold can quietly hide and cause trouble for allergy sufferers in your home as well as damage to your home itself.

How to Find Mold Hiding in Your Home

Below is an article from Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services with some lesser known spaces in your home where mold is likely growing.


If your refrigerator has a drip tray and you haven’t checked it in a while then you are in for a surprise. These trays are often a hot spot for mold growth because they are filed with stagnant water and are in a damp space. Similarly, the back of your refrigerator is also known for mold growth thanks to the residual moisture which accumulates and again, in a dark environment. Every six months, get some help to move your refrigerator forward and not only wipe down the back of your refrigerator but also the wall which it is against.

The Attic/Storage Spaces

It is easy for large instances of mold growth to occur in your attic because it happens out of sight. For example, if you have any cardboard boxes which lean or are pressed against the walls of your attic, then small amounts of moisture or even a small leak in your roof can lead to serious mold growing without you even knowing. Similar to the tip above, every six months or so, take some time to move your boxes and be sure that mold isn’t growing behind them. If possible, swap out your cardboard boxes for plastic tubs which aren’t as likely to encourage mold growth. If you have discovered a large spate of mold growth in your attic or in your home, Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services can help. Call today at 888-436-3499 to find out more about their experience and professional mold remediation services which can see the mold in your home removed safely and thoroughly. Remember that mold growth isn’t always a DIY job, so be sure to speak with an expert before making matters worse.

Your Carpet

When you start to think about it, it becomes clear. All of the debris and moisture which is on you and your guest's shoes has to go somewhere, and that somewhere is likely to be your carpet. Once this moisture makes its way to the root of your carpet it will sit there and, instead of drying, create stagnant pools of water in a dark environment. This is the perfect space for mold to grow. In addition to your carpet fibers, it can also seep through to your carpet padding where it can cause even worse mold growth thanks to the absorbent nature of carpet padding. If you suspect that there is mold growth at the base of your carpet or your padding (often found through smell), consider lifting up a portion of your carpet to investigate. If you find mold then, unfortunately, it’s likely that your carpet will need to be replaced, along with your padding.

Behind Your Toilet Structure

We all like to keep a clean toilet but more often than not, the back of the toilet structure where the porcelain meets the flooring is left uncleaned. In addition to dust building up in the space, it is also a place where mold can and will grow. The next time that you perform your regular bathroom cleaning, make an effort to inspect the base of your toilet. While it may only be small, even small mold growth can cause problems for allergy sufferers in your home along with a bad smell.

If You Find Mold, Call in the Experts at Mold Remediation in St Croix Falls, WI

Whether it’s big or small, it’s important to remember that removing mold from your home isn’t always a job which you can do yourself. Instead, mold remediation is almost always best left to the professionals. Speak with a mold removal expert today at Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services by calling 888-436-3499 to learn about their experience with mold removal and to book an appointment. With expert knowledge and professional grade tools, trust that Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services can and will remove the mold in your home safely and thoroughly without causing any damage to your structure.
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