It’s fair to say that the majority of homeowners spend 99% of their time cleaning the interior of their home, leaving the remaining 1% to cover the entire exterior. 

If you were to think back to spring when you and your family undertook the arduous task known as the ‘Spring Clean’, it would be fair to say that much of your memory is cleaning the inside of your home, most likely your storage areas and carpets. And while this resulted in a nice clean home, the outside of your home was largely left untouched. Not only is it important to keep the exterior of your home looking good for appearance sake, but it’s also important for the safety of your home and family. To help you get started, below is a post from Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services which can help.

Start with Your Gutters

While it might seem obvious, your gutters are the best place to start when it comes to cleaning the exterior of your home. Not only because the debris caught inside can create a serious fire hazard, but during the wet season, this debris will take on a new role of blocking your drainage, causing expensive damage. As always, start by looking up to see if there are any dangers, such as tree branches or any items attached to your house. Once you are confident that the area is safe and your ladder is firmly planted, make your way up to your gutter for an inspection. Begin using your hands to remove as much debris as you can, climbing down and moving the ladder each time to change areas. If there are spaces which you can’t reach, using the end of a broom or rake can be an option to brush away debris. Once you are confident that your guttering system is clear, take a hose and run water through each of your gutters. If the water comes out without a problem then you know the job is done.

Outdoor Power

Whether it’s a large outdoor dining area with a range of lights, appliances, and even an outdoor kitchen, or simply a gazebo with some string-lights, it’s important that each of these areas is kept in good condition and attention is paid to the condition of your wiring. While outdoor lighting and electrical appliances are designed to withstand weather, they are not impervious to damage. During the day when the sun is bright, make your way outside and inspect the condition of your electrical items, even any lightbulbs. If you have outdoor electrical sockets, use a phone charger or similar device to check their working condition. If you can see what water has affected any of your devices, appliances, or even the socket itself, switch off the supply to that area from the main and have the work checked by a professional. If your home has sustained damage, be it weather or renovation related, it’s important to remember that the work is not a DIY task and requires professional restoration services. To find out more, speak with a professional at Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services by calling 888-436-3499 (24/7) and learn how their professional restoration services can ensure your home is restored quickly and safely.

Slipping Surfaces

If your property boats outdoor decking or an outdoor entertaining space then you know just how enjoyable the space can be, and also how dangerous. With this in mind, take some time this summer to inspect the flooring in these and any other outdoor areas, and consider reflooring or repairing items. For example, if you can see that shoes and furniture have damaged current non-slip coating, especially on areas where there are stairs or rails, mark it off and repair or replace the area before entertaining guests.

What’s Up?

Last, but certainly not least, is a tip to look up. Of course, you know the sky is there and this isn’t a philosophical tip, it’s literal. Look up and assess for any damage, danger, or problems which you could see occurring. As an example, if you can see tree branches which will soon be in close proximity to power lines, tend to them before they reach far. When it comes to outdoor safety, prevention is key.

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