Spring cleaning is a great event to get your home in shape. However, the majority of homeowners only pay attention to the inside of their home, leaving the outside conditions to cause dangers situations. You either love spring cleaning or you don't. Either way, if you're going to undertake the task, it's worth doing a thorough job at it.

Improve the Safety Conditions of Your Home's Exterior

Below are some great tips from Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services which aim to help you do just that!

Keep Your Gutters Clear

While it’s a known fact that the majority of homeowners dislike cleaning their gutters, the reality of the situation is that it can lead to a serious improvement in the safety of your home by removing potential fire hazards along with issues which could cause your guttering system to fail and damage your home. The best way to start is to safely climb up to your guttering system and use your hands to remove as much debris as you can. Once you have done this, use a rake or another cleaning tool to clear out the rest of the debris and contaminants which were too difficult with your hands. Once you are confident that your guttering system has been cleared, use your hose to run water through it. If you can’t see clean water come from the end without obstruction then you know there is a blockage somewhere. Once everything is clear and your guttering system runs fine, you’re done!

Electricity Outdoors

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a powered outdoor gazebo or maybe you just have a few sets of string lights to brighten up your outdoor space, if it is powered by electricity and it is outdoor then it needs maintenance. The best place to start is by turning off your outdoor power at the mains and taking a tour of what electrical systems you have. When you checking, look out for the following issues:
  • Any cables or cords which have been damaged (by the weather or anything else)
  • Bulbs or attachments which have blown or show signs of burning
  • Look for any water-damaged items, such as light fixtures where water has dropped in and caused mold or staining on your ceiling
Of course, if you notice anything else which rings an alarm bell, be sure to address it before turning the power back on and before allowing your family and guests to enjoy the space. If your home is in need of restoration services in St. Croix County, it's important to remember that it isn't a DIY task. Instead, speak with a professional at Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services by calling (888) 436-3499 and find out how their professional services and equipment can recover your home safely and professionally.


That’s one thing that you don’t want to hear before an almighty crashing sound. Why? Because the chances are that the crashing sound is somebody who has slipped over on your outdoor decking. Keeping the flooring of your outdoor spaces is incredibly important for your guests to enjoy your entertainment space safely. For this reason, take some time to look out for any of the following:
  • Any decked areas which don’t have any non-slip material attached
  • Any areas where the non-slip material has worn or shows signs of damage
  • If you have stairs or rails, ensure they are coated with a non-slip coating or have strips attached to them
  • Ensure there is adequate lighting around any stairs or troublesome places
While it may cost a little most to add non-slip attachments to your outdoor entertaining space, the safety benefits will far outweigh the initial costs.

Unwanted Guests

If you don’t like spiders or bugs then you will like this point. Or, maybe you won’t. The reason why it’s in-between is that the only way to ensure that your home is free from unwanted critters such as spider and bugs is to go searching for them. During seasonal changes, spiders and bugs seek refuge from the elements, often taking up residence in the crease or connections in your outdoor furniture and infrastructure. In short, this means spiders in the corners of your entertaining spaces. Once you have put on your hazmat suit (okay, maybe it isn’t that serious), make your way around your outdoor areas and really look for any places where bugs look like they have made it home. In addition to keep your home looking clean, removing these critters is a great way to reduce the danger of you or your children being bitten or even just bothered by one of these unwanted house guests.

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