It isn't always obvious what to do when a severe storm hits if you aren't used to them. To help you prepare for the event, this article has some tips to share. For many homeowners, knowing the dangers that a severe storm can bring and protecting themselves against these is second nature. Whether they lived in storm prone areas growing up or they simply enjoy being prepared. For most other homeowners, however, knowing what to do doesn’t come as easily.

What to Do in a Severe Storm

If this sounds like you, and you are interested in learning about how you can protect your home and yourself during a severe storm, Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services has just the post for you. Below are some basic tips to keep in mind to help you prepare for a severe storm.

Start With Your Roof

After all, this is the aspect of your property that is going to be hit the heaviest and also has the most important job! One of the most common causes of roof damage during a severe storm is blocked gutters and drains. Your roof drainage system has been purposefully designed to keep as much water off your roof as possible, instead of transporting it to a designed space. Once a month, safely reach your gutters and drain systems and give them a thorough clean. Even small debris can easily become caught up and accumulate out of sight in a drain, leaving you to assume that everything is working well. Prepare a small kit When it comes to devastating floods then there isn’t much that you can do expect evacuate. However, for a severe storm that you can wait out, there are some items that you can prepare in readiness. Consider the following basics to get you started:
  • Blankets to sway warm and dry
  • A modest amount of food and drinking water
  • A spare set of comfortable clothes
  • A deck of cards
  • Battery powered radio
  • Spare batteries
Remember, the idea isn’t to pack a big box for the apocalypse, just something convenient that you can easily grab on your way to your safe place until the storm passes and are more of a back up for the items that you will likely take with you, such as cell phones and battery packs. Should the time come for you to need professional and high-quality restoration services in Polk County, speak with Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services at (888) 436-3499, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With years of professional experience, trust in their services to get you back up and running quickly and safely.

Choose a Safe Space

With your family, walk around your home and identify the safest room you can find. The fundamentals that you are looking for is a small room with strong walls and one which doesn’t share a window with the storm occurring outside. With the design of most houses, this room is likely to be your bathroom. However, take a good look and choose the best room in your property. Once you have found it, be sure that everybody is aware that this is a meeting point if the storm strikes when everybody is sleeping.

While the Storm Is Happening

As fast as storms can hit, there is usually a lead up where the weather reaches a point that tells you something big is coming. When you realize that you are in for a severe storm, take a quick tour of your home and unplug as many electrical items as possible and remove them from their sockets. If there are items that you need to keep plugged in and switched on, be sure that they are connected using a surge or electrical-trip protector. Once you have completed this, get your prepared box and make your way with your family to your designated space in your home. Depending on the severity of the storm you may still have cell reception, in which case you can keep yourself updated as to how the storm is fairing. If you lose this connection, use the battery powered radio to stay alert for updates and reports.

Quality Property Restoration in Polk County Is Just a Phone Call Away

If you are in the unfortunate position where you require property restoration in Polk County, it's important to speak with somebody who has experience and knows that they are doing. Call Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services at (888) 436-3499 any time of the day, any day of the year, to arrange immediate attendance and inspection of your property, along with advice and information on how to get your restoration underway quickly and safely.
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