With summer now a memory, it’s time to start preparing your home for the colder weather ahead. This article has tips which can help.

With so much emphasis put on spring cleaning, many homeowners forget that fall is also a transitional season and is a great time to take advantage of the weather while it isn’t yet winter to prepare your home for the even colder months ahead.

Basic Fall Home Maintenance Guide

If you have some free time this fall, Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services has an article with some tips for fall home maintenance.

Check and Clear Your Gutters

Traditionally, summer isn’t what would be considered a wet month. For this reason, most homeowners don’t really give any thought to their gutters. However, just because there isn’t rain to clog your guttering system doesn’t mean that the cause of these blockages won’t have occurred. For this reason, it’s important to safely reach your gutters and downpipes to check for and remove any blockages. The most common items you’ll find will be leaves and other natural debris which has flown in on winds or fallen from nearby trees. Once you are sure you can’t see any blockages, take your hose and run water through your guttering system. If the water comes out freely at the bottom and into your water catchment, then you’re good to go. If not, you’ll need to spend a bit more time finding the blockage and removing it.

BBQ Care

Fall isn’t exactly the best time to have your friends over for an outdoor BBQ, with the majority of fall parties occurring indoors, with food cooked solely in the kitchen. With this in mind, take some time to give your BBQ a solid clean, scraping away anything which has become stuck to the grill and also cleaning around any pipes, hoses, and knobs. If you gave your BBQ a workout over the summer break, it might be worth getting some purpose designed cleaning products for the job. Once you’ve cleaned it thoroughly, be sure to put on a waterproof covering, and if possible, bring it indoors into your garage where it will be safe from the elements, lowering the risk of corrosion and mold. If you notice any damage to your home during your fall maintenance, Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services can help. Whether it’s pressure washing or repairing serious damage to your home, Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services are the ones to call. To find out more about their professional services, give them a call at 888-436-3499 and speak with an expert today.

Creaks and Cracks

As the seasons change, your house will begin to shift. Obviously not so much that you need to register a new address, but your foundations could move a little and areas like your doorways can often see a little movement. When this happens, you’ll find that creaks start to occur and some of your doors and windows may become stuck or won’t close properly. Take a tour of your home and check all of your doors and windows to see if they’re operating properly. More often than not, it’s just a simple matter of tightening some screws which hold the hinges or sanding a bit off your window pane to give it enough room to comfortably slide open. However, if you find anything which really won’t move, such as a window which just won’t budge, it’s worth calling in a professional to help out. The reason why is that, if you shave off too much from the window pane to accommodate this sticking, it could lead to drafts coming in your home and cause you problems when the warm weather comes back around and the pane shifts again.

Speaking of Drafts

While those small gaps under your door were great in the summer for letting some heat out or even encouraging a bit of a breeze through your home, when it comes to fall and then winter, these are the areas which are not only going to make your house cold, but counteract any heating you use in your home. Whether it’s a rubber seal or a temporary door-snake which you use, look around your home for places where cold air is likely to make its way in and consider how you’re going to stop it.

On the Subject of Heating

The last thing that you want to do as the temperatures get seriously low is turn on your heating unit to find that it doesn’t work and needs servicing. The main reason why you don’t want to experience this when you need it the most is that it’s also the same time everybody else is doing and realizing the same. Take some time to check it all out now and, if it needs a service, call in somebody to help before they get so busy that it costs a lot more and is difficult to get an appointment.

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