When it comes to bathroom chores, removing mold is right up there on the worst list! And with good reason! If you are sick of mold growing in your home, this article can help. If you have ever tried to remove mold from your bathroom then you just how difficult the task can be. So much so that many homeowners simply choose to ignore the problem and let it grow or clean it away repeatedly, accepting that it will be a task they complete forever.

Easy Tips to Keep Mold out of Your Home

With years of experience providing property restoration and mold remediation services, Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services has the following post to share with tips to help you keep mold out of your home for good.

Keep Moving! Keep Moving!

Don’t worry, you aren’t stuck in traffic, Instead, this tip refers to the air in your home, particularly if you live in a humid environment or are experiencing some unseasonably humid weather. When humid and moist air comes into your home, the moisture from the air absorbs into your carpet and your upholstered furniture items, leading to mold growth. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to open up a strategic amount of doors and windows to encourage airflow throughout your home. In addition to this, turn on any ceiling fans you have along with any smaller pedestal fans you can also utilize. If this simply isn’t an option for you and you the space you are dealing with is confined, a dehumidifier can be a perfect choice. These devices work in a similar way to an air conditioner, where they suck in humid air, extract the moisture from it, and then recirculate dry air. As effective as these machines are, they can be noisy and they also only work in a space the size of your bedroom or closed off entertaining area. However, they do work!

What's the Holdup?

If you see a spill occur on your carpet or on your couch, stop what you’re doing and clean it up. Don’t wait until the episode of TV is over or for somebody else to come and clean it, take the time to clean it now. The reason for the urgency isn’t to prevent staining, but to prevent liquid from making its way to the root of your carpet where your regular cleaning methods won’t reach. When this happens, liquid pools at the root fiber of your carpet, also known as a dark and damp environment. And you know that mold loves nothing more than this very same environment, and that's exactly what you will find there after a short while. While small amounts of mold growth are easily removed by a homeowner, large patches of mold require professionals. One of the primary reasons to hire a mold removal specialist is because they are well versed at uncovering and removing mold safely. If not done correctly, mold spores can easily make their way around your home through the air while you are removing a relatively small amount, leading to further growth and even more headaches! Instead, speak with an expert at Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services and make an appointment for their attendance and removal. Call today at (888) 436-3499 to find out more about how years of experience make them the best choice for your mold removal needs. Available 24/7, don't hesitate to call without delay!

Stop Moisture From Arriving on Your Carpet

Apart from humid air, one of the easiest ways for water to make its way into your home is on the shoes of your guests. Or even your own shoes! Whether it’s a few drops from a puddle here or a few drops from a splash there, once it enters your home and makes its way onto your carpet, you and your visitors unknowingly walk over it, pushing it down to the root of your carpet where it can cause large unseen damage.

Professional Restoration Services and Mold Removal in St. Croix County

If you have discovered mold in your home, speak with somebody who can help without making the problem worse. Call Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services at (888) 436-3499 to find out more about their high-quality mold removal services and rid your home of mold once and for all! Along with removing mold, speak with them about any property restoration work you also require, whether it be as a result of weather or fire damage. Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services are the best people to call for all of your property restoration requirements.
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