Whether you like it or not, it's that time of the year again when you and your family give your house a spring clean. But as you sure your cleaning is as thorough as you think? The spring season is known for many things; most of them good. However, it is also known as the time of the year when we all turn our houses upside down in an effort to give it one thorough clean to prepare it for the year ahead. However, try as you might, what about any spaces that you missed? Surely there can't be any...right? If you want to make sure you give your house a thorough spring clean, Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services have an article which may help.

Start at the Top

No, not the top of your house - the top of all of your furniture.
  • The cabinet that you just cleaned out; don't forget the top that you can't see is full of dust
  • It was a great idea cleaning out the refrigerator. However, the top of it is full of dust.
  • You will all feel much healthier now that you have cleaned out the stand-alone pantry. Just don't forget that there is a layer of dust on the top of it.
Whether it's furniture or appliances, if it stands tall and you can't easily see or reach the top, the chances are that it is full of dust and could do with a clean.

While You're up There

The tops of your cabinets aren't' the only objects up high which will need your attention.
  • While you may have vacuumed what you can see on your fan and its blades, the top of the blades is a treasure trove of nothing more than dust and debris.
  • As clean as they might look, your light bulbs do a remarkable job or collecting dust
  • Of course, those air vents which keep your house at a nice temperature also have a tendency to collect dust like it was going out of fashion.
Giving your home a thorough clean can often uncover concerns which you previously weren't aware of, such as extensive mold growth or even water damage. If you uncover any property damage in your home during your thorough Spring Clean, Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services can help. Call today at NUMBER to speak with a restoration professional who can attend your property 24/7 to provide an assessment and advice.

Curtains and Blinds

"You will never have a problem with these blinds," the sales agent said! "They're practically maintenance free," he went on. In fairness, they did say "practically" no maintenance. When it comes time for your spring clean, don't neglect your curtains or your blinds. A thorough vacuum or your curtains will do the trick which a quick wipe down with a damp cloth will take care of your blinds.


Next, on the list of forgotten items come to your lamps and lampshades. It doesn't matter if they're on the table or stand up tall to shine light from above, they're going to accumulate dust. And not just on the outside. When cleaning your lampshades, carefully be sure to clean dust from the inside of the material along with the base and fixtures of the light itself.

To Finish It off, It's Time to Hit the Ground!

Well, not literally! But, if you remember all of those items we mentioned earlier that you needed to clean on top of. Well...
  • The area under your refrigerator does very little except accumulating dust, dirt, and another type of debris which makes its way into your house and is subsequently kicked under the fridge.
  • While you can't clean on top of it, it's a good idea to clean under your dishwasher.
  • How about your stove? As shiny as the burners look now that you've polished them, is the underneath still filled with month old food?

Get Your Home Back on Track With Quality Property Restoration Services in St. Croix County

If you uncover damage to your home during your clean, it’s important that you don't try to fix it yourself. Instead, speak with an expert at Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services by calling NUMBER. Experts in the field of property restoration in St. Croix County, let an expert attend your property and provide a thorough assessment along with quality and trustworthy advice. Don’t delay - call today and arrange for the quality repair or your home before the damage gets worse and you find yourself needing a lot more work completed than you did, before.
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