Whether it’s expected weather or just an unseasonably warm-streak, a homeowner’s first thought is to turn on the air conditioning and reduce the temperatures inside their home. However, this can quickly become a costly exercise. While it can often seem like the only way to reduce your home’s temperature, in reality, there are many steps which a homeowner can take to help keep their home cool which don’t involve turning on the A/C.

Tips to Help You Keep Your House Cool Without Increasing Your Power Bill

To help get you started, below are some tips from Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services to help you do just that!

Keep Your Blinds Closed

It may seem too basic to be effective, but the reality is that keeping your curtains and blinds closed during the day when the sun (and the heat) is at its highest is one of the most effective ways to keep your house cool without using any electricity at all. Of course, you won’t want a home which is completely cold - so keep your blinds open in the morning to help warm your home up a little, then, as your kids go to school, or you leave for work, be sure to close any and all curtains and blinds in your home. If possible, invest in some blackout curtains which can help to bolster this technique even more.

Were You Born in a Tent?

We all heard our parents yell this across the hoes when we left the doors open. And while we may all be sick of hearing it, the message behind it is still beneficial. As you and your guests enter and exit your home, be sure that you don’t leave the doors open. Something as simple as leaving your back door open while you go outside to hang the clothes on the line can be more than enough for the suns rays and heat to make its way into your home, leaving you to return to a sweat-lodge as you try to fold your clean clothes. If your home has suffered damage from a severe storm or an electrical fire, it’s important to remember that the recovery is not a DIY job. Even for the most enthusiastic of DIYers. In order to ensure not only a thorough job but a safe one, it’s best to speak with a professional. Call Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services today at  (888) 436-3499 and arrange immediate attendance and inspection to get your home back to normal quickly and safely.

Look to the Skies

Okay, maybe not to the skies, but to your ceiling. On the side of your ceiling fans, you will find a small switch or lever. By switching its position, it changes the direction that the fan rotates. By doing this, it can simulate the effect of cool air being blown through the room. While you shouldn’t expect this to replace an air conditioning unit, it is a great method to use before it gets too hot and you are in a position where you simply must use your A/C.

Exhaust Fans

If you have exhaust fans in your bathroom or even in your kitchen then, believe it or not, you have a great way to help keep your home cool. In addition to sucking out the steam from your shower and cooking, these exhaust fans are also a great way to expel any lingering hot in and send it outdoors. While you shouldn’t expect these items to completely remove the heat in your home, keeping them on for a short while after their initial use can provide a small amount of relief from the hot air which may have found itself trapped in your home.

Good Old Fans

Last, but certainly not least, is your trusty fan! A pedestal fan or even a floor-based portable fan can be a great way to expel hot air, complementary to the options above. For example, if you find that there is hot air in your hallways, consider utilizing a fan to direct the air into your bathroom or kitchen where your exhaust fans can help to remove it. Of course, old tricks like placing a wet or damp cloth over your fan to help cool the air from your fan can be a great way to provide short-term relief from the heat.

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