As a homeowner, you must be prepared to handle a household accident properly; thus, this post by Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services in St Croix Falls goes over how to make your first aid kit at home.

Putting together a first aid kit at home is crucial when ensuring your family's safety. Hopefully, you won't be using this kit as much; still, it might come in handy for usual household mishaps; for example, if you were to get a burn by touching a hot stove while making dinner, or if you or anyone around your house were to fall and get a knee scrap. Regardless, make sure to be ready to handle any unforeseen event by putting together and maintaining your first aid kit. Continue reading to learn more.

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What to Include in Your First Aid Kit at Home

To get you started, here's a list of essential items and supplies you need to include in your first aid kit for home:
  • Tourniquet: This should be the most important item in your kit as it arrests heavy bleeding.
  • Masks: Ensure to have masks available in your first aid kit at all times.
  • Gloves: You should wear gloves when performing first aid to another person; it helps create a protective barrier between your hands and the wound.
  • Gauze: As you might know, gauze is used as a wound dressing to hold minor hemorrhages, therefore, make sure to pack it in your kit.
  • Pressure bandages: This item can be helpful to treat head injuries and bleedings, hence the importance of including it in your kit.
  • Emergency Trauma Dressing: If someone around your home gets accidentally burned with scalding water or by touching a hot stove, having emergency trauma dressing in your kit can help you treat their wounds until medical help arrives.
  • Saline Flush: This is a must-have item for wound cleansing.
  • Medical Tape: Having tape is indispensable to secure bandages onto a wound.
  • Band-aids: Among all the items in the kit, you'll probably use band-aids the most as they are handy to treat minor scrapes or wounds.
  • Tweezers: Besides being annoying, splinters can cause infections; hence, it is essential to pull them out with tweezers.
  • Painkillers: Must-have medicine for headaches, muscle soreness, and overall pain.
  • Antihistamine: If someone around your house shows allergy symptoms, make sure to give them an antihistamine.
  • Digital thermometer: A thermometer is key when someone around your home shows fever symptoms.

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How to Maintain Your First Aid Kit

After stocking your emergency kit, you'll need to check on it from time to time to keep it in good condition. Quite simply, you want to ensure that the medicine, protective equipment, and products inside the kit are adequately upkeep and ready to be utilized in case of an emergency. Thus, here are some maintenance tips:

Learn to Utilize Each Item Correctly

Now, there's a lot of medical equipment listed above that you might not know how to employ, such as the tourniquet or the emergency trauma dressing. Considering that, make sure to become familiar with the proper usage of all the medicines and items inside the kit to employ them quickly and correctly in an emergency. To that end, make sure to read the safe using instructions spelled out in each item's packaging.

Store Your Kit in a Resistant Container

When storing your kit, you should keep in mind the factors that can spoil or reduce the shelf life of the medicines and items inside it; like moisture, high temperatures, or UV rays; given that fact, it would be best to keep your kit in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Additionally, make sure to use fire and waterproof containers to keep the medicine, equipment, and items well kept in case a fire or a flood occurs.

Check Your Kit Every Six Months

Now, some products in your kit might expire within six or twelve months; that's why you should check your equipment at least twice a year to replace all the items that might have spoilt. To that end, you can place a note inside your kit describing all the medications and items inside, their expiration dates, and the day they were included in the container.

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