This rainy season, floods and water damage are among the top concerns for homeowners. To that end, learn how to detect hidden water issues with today’s post by Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services.

In the middle of summer's sunny days and rising temperatures, fresh rain is always well appreciated! However, when thinking about a property or a house, too much rain means rising humidity levels, accumulated stagnant water in the crawlspace and within the walls, and overall damage. So, if you want to spot any rain-related damage hiding in your home, today's post by Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services shares the main signs you should notice this rainy season.

Look Out For Damage Signs Around Walls and Baseboards

In most cases, trapped water or moisture behind walls goes overlooked; and although it’s hard to detect issues occurring in those hidden spaces, it's crucial to be alert and keep an eye out for even the slightest indicator of excessive humidity within your walls and baseboards. Here are important signs to look out for:
        • Stains on the baseboards: Generally speaking, baseboard stains are the first visible sign of moisture issues inside walls. That being the case, you should perform a visual inspection of each room in your house. Look out for discoloration around the baseboards. If you find any stains whatsoever, it means it’s time to call the experts.
        • Peeling on the walls: Trapped water behind walls builds up enough moisture to crack and peel off paint or wallpaper coverage. If you find blisters that rip off easily or bubbles in your wall's coverage material, there's a good chance humidity has damaged your walls. If so, make sure to get a professional repair.
        • A detachment between the wall and the baseboard: Excessive moisture can cause your baseboards to absorb humidity, swell, and separate from the walls. You can inspect each room in your house to look for detached baseboards. If you notice any, keep in mind this is a serious damage indicator, and the chances are that it probably needs restoration.

If you find storm or water damage signs in your house, don’t hesitate to speak with an expert at Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services. Call 888-436-3499 and learn about the best restoration services in Polk County

Warped Floors

Rainy seasons might lead to high humidity levels and even stagnant small puddles underneath your floor. Needless to say, these conditions can cause your house’s floorboards to disfigure over time. When water makes contact with floorings without water resistance, the moisture permeates the floorboards, causing them to expand and warp. Hence, if you have a situation of water eroding underneath your flooring, make sure to get professional help before the issue gets out of control.

Keep an Eye Out for Mold Growth

It stands to reason that mold infestation can be detrimental to your and your family’s health.  That being said, it’s important to search for hidden mold colonies in your home regularly, especially during rainy seasons, being that humidity and warm temperatures allow mold to thrive and grow at an incredibly fast pace. If you detect any mold problem in your home, keep in mind that repairs are quickly required to prevent any health concerns.

Storm and water damage removal and restoration require prompt, professional attention. If you suspect any rain-related issue in your home, call Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services at 888-436-3499 and find out more about the best restoration services in Polk County.

Water Issues Under Your House’s Foundation

After a heavy rain, water might find its way under your house if your gutters and downspouts are not efficient. Needless to say, water erosion under your property’s foundation could cause some significant issues over time. To that end, verify your water discharge system is in mint shape by ensuring your gutters and downspouts aren’t clogged with debris or damaged.

Puddles in The Basement

As one would expect, the basement is the most likely place to be affected by rain. Hence, look out for water seepage and puddles after heavy rains; these are usually a clear sign of walls and slabs seeping water through. That usually happens when the rain is saturating the soil beneath. If that's the case for your basement, make sure to get a professional restoration as soon as possible.

If your house or business is being exposed to damage from heavy rains this season, remember our staff is here to help! Give the professionals at Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services a call at 888-436-3499 and request more information about the best cleaning and restoration services in Polk County.

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