Broken or leaky pipes can lead to water damage to your property and present a danger to your family. Read this post by Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services and learn about the causes of broken pipes to ensure you are informed and can prevent any major damage from happening.

Broken or leaky pipes can be a big issue for any homeowner. When not notices in time, broken pipes can cause a lot of damage, like forming mold and mildew around the house. Make sure to be prepared and learn about some of the causes of broken pipes. Learn more about this topic in this post that Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services has for you.


One of the most common causes that lead to broken pipes is blockages. These can be a result of home’s drains and toilets becoming blocked and well as clogged drains and sewers. These kinds of blockages can cause a change in water pressure, which can lead to your pipes getting ruptures and fissures. To avoid this, make sure to learn about unusual activities around your house like construction or environmental circumstances to be prepared and take the needed precautions.

Old Pipes

Especially for older houses, old pipes can present itself as an issue. Through time, pipes can corrode because of the acidity of water. Take special attention to your pipes; make sure that they have maintained their strength and are in good condition.

Infrequent Maintenance

It’s normal to forget about pipes as they are not something that you see first hand in your day-to-day, but it’s essential to consider the fact that they need proper maintenance to do their job correctly. Make sure to pay attention to indicators within your house that can indicate something is not in order. Broken pipes and leaks can cause water damage to structure and valuables, as well as make your home’s environment toxic due to mold growth. Prevent your home from getting contaminated by hiring the best restoration services in Minneapolis, MN. Speak with an expert at Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services and learn about the fantastic services they offer that will ensure your home is safe and in the best condition. For more information, call 888-436-3499.

Frozen Pipes

Weather conditions can also affect pipes. In winter, pipes are prone to freezing, which can cause them to rupture and cause water damage to your home. It’s essential to take the proper precaution when this time of season comes around. Insulating your pipes and making sure they aren’t exposed to the outside weather can make a difference in keeping your house safe and prevent any unexpected damage.

Defective Regulator

Water pressure, when too high, can make pipes rupture. Pressure regulators are crucial, as they reduce pressure levels to safe levels for your pipes. If your regulator doesn’t work correctly or needs to be adjusted, pressure may rise too high. Check your regulator with frequency to make sure everything is in order. If needed, have your regulator adjusted.

Prevent any major damage at home by hiring the best restoration services in Minneapolis, MN. Call Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services and get professional services to ensure your property is safe and in the best condition. For more information, call 888-436-3499.

Poor Installation

Poorly soldered of badly fitter connection between pipes is a recipe for disaster. Bad pipe installations lead to frequent problems and are a lot more likely to be a nuisance in the future. When your pipes were installed, seals were placed around all water connections. These seals may wear down and brake. Take a close look at your pipes and look for any unusual or alarming aspect or detail. If you find something that you might think is problematic, hire a professional to fix the problem.

Common Signs of Worn Out/Broken Pipes

As important as it knows what causes pipes to break, being able to identify sings the may indicate there is already a problem present can save you from major damage. Here are some signs that may indicate there is something that needs to be fixed:
  • Staining on your walls. Leaky pipes usually stain the walls.
  • Discolored water. If the water that comes out of your faucet starts changing color into a yellow or brown tone, chances are your pipes are rusty and need replacing.
  • Bubbling noises. If you start noticing a bubbling noise when you flush your toilet or use your sinks, it might mean your pipes have a blockage.
  • Standing water. If leaks are bad enough, you may start to notice puddles or drips around your home.
  • Bad odors. Broken pipes can cause you home to have a weird and uncomfortable smell. If you notice odors similar to sulfur or rotten eggs, call an expert.

The Best Restoration Services in Minneapolis

If you find any leak at home or have suffered any water damage, the professionals at Archer Cleaning & Restoration Services will restore your home and make it look like new. Asses any damage you find at home with the best restoration services in Minneapolis, MN today, by calling 888-436-3499. Call today and learn about all the fantastic services they offer to keep your home safe.
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